Tuan Giao District is located in the South East of Dien Bien Province with the majority of population are ethnic minorities, in which the percentage of needy households are 91.4% (2017). 18 out of 19 communes of Tuan Giao District are living in difficult state with the lack of equipment and education.


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A voluntary trip to Hua Muc 2 school site

Last December 2018, we organized a special trip to visit Hua Muc 2 school site of Pu Xi primary school, where we supported the school to build boarding rooms, a library, a kitchen, and some smaller items in November 2018. This trip was very special because we had the support from V.E.O (Volunteer for Education Organization), which gathered donations of warm clothes, books for the new library, and blankets for the kids.

Named “A warmer winter for kids”, the trip had VEO and VFE joining efforts to help that community. Those donations are very relevant because several kids from Hua Muc 2 school site don’t have enough warm clothes to bear the cold winter of Dien Bien province; and the new library still lacks books for kids to read in the free time.

The initiative had over 30 volunteers, from both organizations, moving from Hanoi to Tuan Giao district in a Friday night, a journey of over 12hours. Fortunately, we were blessed with the good weather, which gave us even more energy to overcome the tiredness. So at noon, we were ready for lunch with the kids, followed by activities that lasted the whole afternoon.

Firstly, we split into groups, with some of us in charge of the cooking, others preparing the gifts and one last group decorating the backdrop. Later, at 2 p.m, our program was started with some performances of kids and volunteers. Then, children had a variety of activities to participate such as drawings, making handmade postcards, doing “Tò – he” (a traditional game for the kids), etc. After finishing activities, we distributed the donations, to top it all off.

You could tell what the kids were feeling by their faces, the happiness were palpable. We were all very happy too, because the trip achieved its goal and provided meaningful moments. In future, VFE will try to repeat this partnership, not only working for improving studying conditions in community schools, but also mobilizing volunteers to gather donations, and to come and join the activities.

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