Tuan Giao District is located in the South East of Dien Bien Province with the majority of population are ethnic minorities, in which the percentage of needy households are 91.4% (2017). 18 out of 19 communes of Tuan Giao District are living in difficult state with the lack of equipment and education.


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New update for VFE project in Phinh Sang commune, Dien Bien

In the trip to Dien Bien last March, besides the inauguration of the Toa Tinh nursery school; we also had a meeting with representatives of Phinh Sang secondary school, the Phinh Sang commune and the local education department.  We discussed the sponsorship value for Phinh Sang project and also the responsibilities of each party in our project in Phinh Sang.

The contractor who constructs the Phinh Sang project having more than ten years of experience in building construction. They also understand that this project is for purpose and they committed to do their best for the buildings.

In our project here, we understood that the difficulties of students and teachers when they are lacking boarding rooms. Most of the students in Phinh Sang secondary school are boarding – students. They spend the whole week at school and only come back to their family on the weekend. We know that improving the facility for boarding students is very urgent to the school at that time. In this project, VFE finances to build some new items below:

– Refurbishing the existing boarding house

– Building 10 additional boarding rooms (accommodation for 300 boarders)

– Building new toilets and a new shower facility.

– Building a new kitchen

The commencement date is 10 April 2018, and the time of completion is 90 days. VFE will work closely with the school, the contractor and also the community to ensure the quality, the time of our project in Phinh Sang.

Boarding students


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