Tuan Giao District is located in the South East of Dien Bien Province with the majority of population are ethnic minorities, in which the percentage of needy households are 91.4% (2017). 18 out of 19 communes of Tuan Giao District are living in difficult state with the lack of equipment and education.

Our values

Children are the priority

Our focus is on children. We work to fight child abuse and strengthen their rights as equal members of society.

Micro Management

We ensure that donations are used as intended. We are involved in all stages of every project, and we provide complete oversight of the work process to prevent the misuse, or misappropriation of funds.

Cost Efficiency

'Highest efficiency with lowest management cost' is our motto. In VFE, we make sure that at least 90% of your donation will be invested in our projects.


We are an independent and impartial organization. We respect the local common laws and regulations. We also comply with a stringent anti-corruption Code of Conduct.

Transparency & Accountability

In VFE, accountability and transparency go hand-in-hand. We proactively give our donors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders a clear overview of how the charity works, its clients and its fundraising.

Team Work

We encourage and foster teamwork. We believe that success is built from great teamwork and close collaboration between the VFE team, the community and the authorities.