Tuan Giao District is located in the South East of Dien Bien Province with the majority of population are ethnic minorities, in which the percentage of needy households are 91.4% (2017). 18 out of 19 communes of Tuan Giao District are living in difficult state with the lack of equipment and education.

Alexander Paulus

Co-Founder, Fundraiser and Head of Projects

Grown up in a middleclass family I have everything I can ask for, including a loving family and success in my professional career.

I can not find any explanation except luck for me deserving to be part of a small group who lives on the worry-free side of the world while many people live in misery and try to survive on a daily basis.

After more than 20 years working as an international oil trader and being responsible for an office of about 20 people, I felt the need for a change.

I decided that it is time to give back a part of what I received and try to change the world even if it is only on a rather small scale. Nevertheless, if there are more people out there joining our cause, we together can create a more just world.

I decided to start helping the weakest link in our society, the children in one of the poorest areas of the world. To change injustice and to create a sustainable planet each human being requires an education. We will do our outmost to achieve the goal to provide as many children as possible in South-East Asia an education because education is a human right!

Be part of our cause and support us with whatever you can. The children will be very thankful.

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