The school year comes to an end – We are ready to start!

We are glad to announce our active comeback in a school renovation project. After almost two consecutive years into the pandemic restrictions, Vietnam currently enters the “new normal” phase, fully reopening domestic and international travel, which facilitates our conduct of field visits.

Specifically, our new project is being implemented in Muong Ang district, Dien Bien province. Muong Ang is one of the particularly difficult communes of the province, with a high poverty rate (approx. 31%) and precarious rural livelihood. In terms of education conditions, the education level is below standard and uneven across regions. School facilities and equipment are inadequate and have not been synchronously invested. A shortage of schools and insufficient transportation are the main obstacles to education – a long walk to school means fewer children go. Geographical barriers in a mountainous also make it hard for children to reach the classroom.

For the latest update on project progress, the VFE project team has scrutinized a list of run-down school sites in Muong Ang and selected 7 schools with severe facility conditions for further review. Now, we, in close coordination with our local partner, are arranging a field trip to the shortlisted school sites. Fieldwork is an essential step in our procedure, as it brings profound insight into our project area.
The field trip is scheduled for early May


Summer is coming in Vietnam. Our students are preparing for the end of the school year. The pandemic 2021- 2022 school year was afflicted by constant disruptions and instability. We all expect a new academic term filled with advantages and happiness.

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