Tuan Giao District is located in the South East of Dien Bien Province with the majority of population are ethnic minorities, in which the percentage of needy households are 91.4% (2017). 18 out of 19 communes of Tuan Giao District are living in difficult state with the lack of equipment and education.


Volunteers For Education / Education  / VFE approached more potential projects in Dien Bien province

VFE approached more potential projects in Dien Bien province

Last March, we had a field trip to Tua Chua district – one of the poorest districts of Dien Bien province to look at more potential projects. Tua Chua is located in the northeast of Dien Bien province with 7 different ethnics living together. In 2018, the whole district had 5,919/11,165 poor households (53% poverty rate).

With the support of the Education Training Department of Tua Chua district, we visited two very needy nursery school sites in poor communes of the district. They are Hang Sung 2 school site and Ta La Cao school site.

Hang Sung 2 school site is one of six small school sites of Ta Phin nursery school in Tua Chua district. The school is located in a small and poor village of Mong ethnic – Hang Sung 2 village with a total of 49 children. About 30 children of age 2 still have not been to school yet because the school doesn’t have enough classrooms for the kids. The facilities at the school site still have many shortcomings. The two concrete classrooms built in 2000 are now seriously degraded: moldy walls, stucco, and paint have a lot of peeling and holes. The school has no kitchen and no toilet. Teachers and children are using a temporary toilet made from a roof sheet and an old tent. Because of not having a kitchen, the school cannot cook for the kids to have lunch at the moment. The playground of the school site is not a concrete yard. It’s very muddy and dirty when the rain comes.

Ta La Cao school site is one of eight small school sites of Sinh Phinh nursery school. The school is 9 km from the Tua Chua district center. The total children of the school site are 84 kids with the age from 2 to 5. About the facility condition, the one concrete classroom is now seriously degraded. There are two assemble classrooms but one of them doesn’t have a heat-resistant roof and it’s so hot for the kids. The toilet is seriously degraded with holes on the roof and it’s not a suitable design for the kids. The kitchen is in a quite good condition, however, the roof of the kitchen needs to repair so that smog from the cooking process can get out. The school doesn’t have a drainage system.

Both two school sites are very needy and need support to improve the facility condition so that the children can have a better studying condition. However, the community could not afford the budget to do the project while the fund from the government is so limited. In two school sites, Hang Sung 2 is needier than Ta La Cao. Therefore VFE will focus on Hang Sung 2 project first.

With four successful projects in 2018 in Tuan Giao district, that brings benefit for nearly 600 kids, we are confident to continue our work in Tua Chua district to approach closer and deeper to more difficult school sites.


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